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An Ocean of Creative Ideas, handmade by a Selkie who lost her seal skin.....

Hector and the Starry Night

Brusho crystal dye and ink, to capture a very memorable Night Walk :-)

I’m going to be adding these sea-charm bracelets to the shop. Each bracelet comes with a free pair of earrings too! 

I’ll add them this evening. I’m closing my shop for business on Friday morning for a week whilst I go sketching in Cornwall, so if you’d like to make sure you get one, send me a message. I’m selling these for £20 each. 

Oooh, and I’ll also be adding the two smaller pictures I did (post below this one) which will be £40 each. 

(Source: brushstrokesandshutterclicks)

There is something special about actually including objects which have been on their own journey to make art. It adds a narrative. Each piece of pottery began as part of human life, meal times and celebrations; washing up. They have come into contact with many people’s hands - maybe even been on cruise ships, and for whatever reason, the multitudes of different stories each piece could tell about how it ended up in the ocean, and the years that followed fills me with awe.

It is nice to know these fragments have had a homecoming of sorts in these pictures. :-) 

Pottering About

My sea pottery! I wish I could have done a timelapse/stop-motion film of all the little pieces arranging and re-arranging themselves into different social groups :-) 

They have settled now, and over the next day, will be gathering to become part of a harbour scene. Pictures will follow … … . 

Seasidey Charm bracelet will be in my shippery-shop in a couple of days. Semi-precious stones are two shades of green turquoise and blue sodalite. :-) 

Ooooooooooooooooooh!!! Scan it and sign up for my special offers ;-) 

Some lovely pendants and a few more to come too, in my shop now. I enjoyed photographing these in the sunshine today! 

More Work In Progress …. having fun today :-)

Jewellery miniature painting, WIP :-)

March’s Front Page is up, and I’m thinking that I’d quite like to promote other people’s work on the front page too. So, if you write prose or poetry (I can do an illustration for your piece in return) or would like a feature on your work included on my site, do get in touch; it all adds to life’s rich tapestry! Any work with a nautical theme would be particularly appreciated of course, but anything will be good. 

Framed up and in my Shippery-Shop on Folksy :-)

Yes, I’ve finally managed to re-open my shop - HOORAY!!!! Expect more ship-shape stuff over the next few days .. weeks … 

Corryvreckan Mariner :-)
7inch diameter sheeps’ wool felt, which will be in my shop as soon as my laptop starts behaving. 

Some recent work I’ll be popping in my shop soon. A friend asked me if I would ever tire of ocean related work….. let me think for a nanosecond about that now ….. no. :-) 

Inspired by Mr. Wallis

These are my first two pieces of Alfred Wallis inspired jewellery, a choker and a pendant, using pebbles whose quartzy strata inform the design upon them. I’ll be making loads more, so by the time Shorelines & Shippery has a few more more followers, I shall select a follower at random to receive a piece of their choosing. :-)))) Thanks for re-blogging, if you feel like it! H xx