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An Ocean of Creative Ideas, handmade by a Selkie who lost her seal skin.....

Yr Eifl , The Rivals,Llyn Peninsula, Wales

Another piece of textile art, commissioned on Sunday night, which needed completing for today!! I really like this one, because it is also one of my favourite places. :-)

Cracken Edge from South Head, Peak District

A friend came round on Sunday night and asked me to make two personal one-off gifts for two of her colleagues. Been busy yesterday and today making textile art! 

Here are three designs for textile applique commissions I’ll be working flat out on tomorrow! Only making two of them though, and presently I’m plumbing for 1 and 3. :-)

Was thinking about a simple sgraffito design for my pottery class jugs, and got a bit carried away with this whole digital thing! :-)
Various views of a couple of slab-built stoneware pots that I made at home, and hence all my own imperfections, back from glazing. The clay is in two layers and the design is scraped through the warm tone clay into darker clay beneath. They are crackle glazed, and I think it may be copper based glaze inside, which is richly toned in blues and greens - my favourite! 
I may be getting the hang of this digital art thing. It looks too “clean” for me though. I’m not used to the flatness of the colour. 
Anyhow, this is the Knap of Howar, which is a prehistoric settlement on the wonderful little island of Papa Westray, or Papay. It was occupied from 3700 BC to 2800 BC and consists of two adjoining “houses”. The house in my picture is the smaller of the two and I think it is thought to have been built after the larger one. The door you see to the far right is the way through to the larger house. The sea would have been much further away and in fact there was probably land between Papay and Westray at the time. It’s a lovely site. I had a picnic there :-) 

Making rope designs for e-book chapter headings ….. using photoshop for the first time. Trying to get used to layers and how everything works. Slooooow process, but improving!

And still mucking about with photoshop, this time using a scanned image I made using gouache as Winter Fox, and editing with layers to make Summer Fox and Autumn Fox. 

Still messing around scribbling with photoshop to try to get used to layers. Hey ho! 

Working on orders of Sea-maid face tiles and a tiny husky dog pendant for a little girl today :-)

Just realised I forgot to post pictures of my finished slabs. :-)

Here’s some little porcelain slab-built pots I made at pottery class :-)

Some slab building stuff I’ve been doing. Work in progress. :-) 

Hector and the Starry Night

Brusho crystal dye and ink, to capture a very memorable Night Walk :-)

I’m going to be adding these sea-charm bracelets to the shop. Each bracelet comes with a free pair of earrings too! 

I’ll add them this evening. I’m closing my shop for business on Friday morning for a week whilst I go sketching in Cornwall, so if you’d like to make sure you get one, send me a message. I’m selling these for £20 each. 

Oooh, and I’ll also be adding the two smaller pictures I did (post below this one) which will be £40 each. 

(Source: brushstrokesandshutterclicks)